A musical product of the creative melting pot of Portland, Mbrascatu is an indie rock band that draws from diverse European and American roots to create a unique signature sound.

Blending together dynamics ranging from delicate to explosive; expressive Italian lyrics; hook-laden melodies; inventive arrangements; and energetic rhythms to dance to; the band has performed extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, delighting audiences at the hottest music venues, outdoor festivals, bars, clubs and local radio stations.

We are very grateful to every one of you for your friendship, support, and for enjoying our music.

- Mbrascatu

photo by Teri Briggs

photo by Teri Briggs

Andrea Algieri: Acoustic/electric guitars, Vocals. John Sabestinas: Electric Guitar, Banjo. Tim Anderson: Bass. Griff Bear: Violin. Mark Powers: Drums.


"Great news, Oregon: we can visit Italy without ever leaving the Pacific Northwest. Local Portland band, Mbrascatu, lives right here and we can take a trip to the other side of the world simply by listening to their newest savory album, Tempo. Bandleader, Andrea Algieri puts his heart and passion into every song he writes and sings on this album. The other band members- Johnny Sabestinas, Dylan Dean, Dan Sullivan and Lalo Esparza- lend their individual musical energies that also take the music to a new level of appreciation. Sabestinas plays an impressive array of different instruments ranging from ukulele to mandolin to electric guitar. Dean plays his fiddle in a way where you can feel the warmth of his ever-present smile in each song. This is the band's second offering and although it doesn't include as many ballads as their self-titled album, you will enjoy the rocking goodness found in almost every track. The tittle track will have you dancing and singing along after just one listen. So, go ahead. Pour yourself a little limoncello, eat a few olives and figs, hit 'play' and you are all set. Ciao!" – DENNISE KOWALCZYK
Oregon Music News Magazine. December 2014
"You don’t need to understand Andrea Algieri’s huskily sung Italian lyrics to appreciate Mbrascatu’s refreshing take on local/world indie rock. Their songs fluidly transition from joyfully raucous rock to low-key folk to psychedelic jams, all while maintaining the integrity of the band’s unique sound. While rarely taking the spotlight, the violin acts as a perfect complement to Algieri’s vocals while threading its own distinctive, cohesive voice through the music. Allow yourself to get swept up in the unabashed joy of their live shows, where it doesn’t matter if you look cool dancing and clapping to the band’s sheer exuberance. Mbrascatu’s rich, textured sound isn’t fully represented in their studio recordings; the live performance is where this band truly shines." – AMII
 Metaturtleblog.com June 13, 2014
“The first time I listened to Mbrascatu's self-titled debut, it was because I was expecting to hear music that was West-African-by-way-of-Portland. It was the combination of consonants, you see; they misled me. Because from the first notes of the first song, Mbrascatu is unmistakably Americana—acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo—except that the lyrics, and the song titles, are all Italian. Singer/songwriter Andrea Algieri moved from Calabria, Italy, to Portland, where he joined forces with bassist Michael Doherty, also of Future Historians, and John Sabestinas, formerly of Sick Pony, who plays banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, and lap steel. The combination of vernaculars—old-timey folk and Italian crooner—has created indie folk's very own spaghetti western, with Algieri's baritone vocals playing lead heartthrob.” – REBECCA WILSON
The Portland Mercury. June 28, 2012
About MBRASCATU's show at The Secret Society–Portland, OR.
“Andrea Algieri’s Old World-by-way-of-PDX collective Mbrascatu is a modern throwback to traditional music lore. Since forming the group stateside in 2010, the Calabria-born singer-songwriter-guitarist has conjured up sonic postcards direct from the quaint villages of southern Italy. If the band’s name, a tribute to Algieri’s grandfather, or debut album cover, with its photo of his mother at 16, don’t speak to the deep roots present here, the music will. Various strings (viola, banjo, ukulele), lap steel and other lush instrumentation echo Algieri’s expressive vocals, delivered in his native tongue.” – AMANDA SCHURR
Willamette Week. Monday, September 09, 2012

"Mm-brah-ska-too may sound like the name of the mutant offspring of a chupacabra and an alley cat, but they don't sound like such a horror at all. they sound fantastic, and the name of the band is actually the nickname of the front man's grandfather, so don't be disrespectful. Hailing from Italy, the front man Andrea Algieri aims to create a rich fusion of Italian folk from his homeland with the unique musical spirit of our city using an arsenal of bass, drums, violin, viola, banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, and lap steel. Not to mention Algieri's boisterously charming voice, which is reason to go in and of itself." – BILLY DYE

Eleven PDX Magazine. January 2013